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My name is Jenny Livingston, although some of you may remember me as Jenny Carmody. I met and fell in love with Adam in the summer of 2005. Seven years, two kids, a mortgage and about a million memories later, he is still my best friend and the love of my life. For that, I consider myself luckier than most.

We live in smalltown Utah with our three year old, Morgan Paige; Adam's seven year old daughter, Shylee Rose; our french bulldog, Dixie, and the most recent addition to our family, our miniature daschshund, Nora.

I'm a born worrier. I tend to obsess over things. I'm determined and stubborn. I enjoy sarcasm. I'm passionate about the things and people I love. I'm not a fan of extremes in any enterprise: politics, religion, fashion, etc. I've been known to share a little too much information at times, so if you embarrass easily or are extremely conservative, I'll just go ahead and apologize in advance.
I was raised Mormon and spent most of my childhood learning about Jesus, praying before each meal, and singing about how the pioneer children walked and walked and walked. And then I became a teenager; by the time I was a junior in high school I was ditching church, sneaking out of the house and kissing boys. The two years after graduation were filled with beer bongs, body-shots, and a ridiculous amount of bourbon. My family was understandably disappointed.

In 2007 Adam and I were married. Later that year, we filed for custody of Shylee. Things were pretty ugly for about a year following the lawsuit; a lot of regrettable things were said and done. Fortunately, all the involved parties did a lot of growing up and we now have a joint custody situation that works for both parents and, most importantly, for Shylee. It is our hope that she will never be the stereotypical "distraught child from a broken home". We (her mother included) make every effort to ensure her comfort and confidence in our current situation. That means no fighting, no backbiting, and absolutely no putting the other parent down. It's not always easy, but it's definitely worth the effort.

In 2009 our miracle baby Morgan was born. Having a child of my own has been an absolutely life-changing and soul-altering experience. By simply existing, that sweet little girl has managed to entirely change who I am. She is my whole world, my heart, my very reason for breathing.

My two sisters and I were were born with a terminal illness called Cystic Fibrosis. My oldest sister, Shannan, passed away when I was six years old. She was 14. Despite this disease, I've been able to lead an unbelievably full, active life. Over the past couple years, however, maintaining my health has become much difficult. In late 2009, I became very ill and experienced a drastic decline in lung function. That particular hospitalization lit a fire in me; it was my moment of realization. Since then I have become more dedicated to taking care of myself and spreading awareness about this disease. Once I started looking around, I found a whole slew of other people just like me, fighting the same battles my family has been fighting for so long. I was suddenly launched into the wide open arms of the online CF community. It is here, through this blog and through social networking sites, that I've had the chance to "meet" some of the most outstanding people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Because of the internet, we are friends; because of a shared, faulty gene, we are family.

I write about everything mentioned above, as well as many other random things whenever the mood strikes. My life is pretty ordinary, but I often find the completely ordinary to be wildly hilarious. So come along for the ride. This is it. My blog, my story, my life as a Livingston.

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