Monday, January 7, 2013

Kicking things off

Last year, without having any prior experience or the slightest clue what I was getting myself into, I signed up to be a Great Strides team leader. (Great Strides is a national fundraising event sponsored by the CF Foundation.)

Let's just that it was definitely a learning experience! Ultimately, after plenty of confusion and an exhausting amount of work, our team was able to raise close to $2000. It was an experience I was grateful to have had, but something I was pretty certain I'd never do again.

But then, on the day of the walk, I had a pretty big change of heart. It was incredible to see so many people gathered together to fight for the same cause, a cause that everyone was clearly passionate about! There was such a strong positive energy there. I was so impressed as I looked around at the other teams and saw all the friends and family members who were there showing their support. I looked at my own team mates who were there for me and that's when I knew without a doubt, I'd definitely be coming back the next year.

The walk will be June 1st and our team, Lungs N' Roses, will be returning hopefully even bigger and better than before. Now that we have an idea of how the whole process works, I'm actually very excited to get started. I'm confident that we'll be able to take what we learned last year and use it to help us this time around.

In the coming months there will definitely be more talk on this blog about fundraising and Great Strides, but for now I just wanted to kick things off with this video (it's my very first attempt at an awareness video, so please be kind):


  1. Well done Jenny. Well done.

    Larry (GA)

  2. Hi Jenny!! Great video and I am glad you have accepted the challenge to be the team captain again this year. Great Strides for me is in May and it will be a BIG year for my team. I am working on ways to find more donations.


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