Monday, September 10, 2012

Morgan's birthday(s)

I'm a month late with this post, but since I did manage to write her birthday newsletter I don't feel too bad about it. Morgan recently turned three... three whole years old! A realization that reduced me to a heap of tears and how did this happen so quickly's for about a week. I know I've said it before, but in my mind three is the official end of baby/toddlerhood. If I'm this much of a wreck now, I can't imagine what I'll be like when she starts school.

We were camping on Morgan's birthday, so we had a little party for her on the mountain - just us and a couple good friends. We got Morgan a bug-catching utility belt, a butterfly net and a wet/dry bug habitat. When I ordered her presents, a friend of mine told me that my child is odd. (My child, odd? Impossible!) Apparently most little girls prefer things like princesses and ponies. What can I say? Kid loves her bugs!

(This was a few days after Morgan bit her tongue, and you can see that she
still had her jaw clenched pretty tightly at this point.)

The next day we had a little family party at our house. Several members of both mine and Adam's families were able to make it, which was great! Morgan still wasn't eating or speaking at this point because her tongue was so sore, but she still seemed to have a good time.
And now every time she plays in her kitchen, she brings me a pink plate with fake cake on it and says, "You have to blow it, Mama. Remember, cuz when I bit my tongue off?"


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