Monday, June 11, 2012

What I've been up to... in case you were wondering... I won't flatter myself by thinking that you were actually wondering... but just in case you were, here's an update.

I've recently received a couple emails asking if I'm okay. In the past when I've disappeared for a while it's been because I haven't been feeling very well, but the reason I've been MIA for so long this time is because life has been unusually and unexpectedly (but kind of wonderfully) busy. What's even better is that I've been feeling good enough to enjoy it! 

At the first of the month (June 2nd) we took part in Great Strides. Some good friends, family members and a couple of my coworkers came out for the walk, and I'm so incredibly grateful for their support and participation. It ended up being a lot of fun! I think our team did a pretty great job, especially considering the fact that this was the first year we had done any fundraising for CF and we had no clue what we were doing! 

Here are some pictures from the walk. 

These feet belong to my cousin Niki who kindly
took all these pictures for me

Everyone with CF was asked to wear a red lei. "It's so they know I'm infected," I told Adam.
I've talked about my friend Holly before. Always so supportive, Holly and her
boys came out for the walk. How she was able to maintain a conversation with me
 while pushing an 80lb stroller in the heat, I'll never know!
This woman was walking in front of us for quite sometime before
I noticed her shoes. I almost wore my 4" heels that day too, but
something about them didn't scream "I'm ready to walk a 5K!"  
This is my brother Tommy, his wife Megan, their adorable boys,
and Megan's mom (and Shylee)
Cindy and Mahon
My stepsister, Mandy. Love this girl! 
Sleepy Logan
Morgan alternated between walking/running,
riding in a stroller, and being carried.
And she loved every minute of it! 

Our Team Lungs N' Roses won "Best Team Name". As you can see,
Adam was clearly THRILLED  about it. 
My beautiful sisters-in-law, Ember and Randi
They both crashed as soon as we got in the truck
It was fun to see so many people gathered together for the same cause, and I was able to meet a few new people who blew me away with their strength and optimism. There's not another area of my life in which I've met so many outstanding people. As much as I dislike this disease, I'm forever grateful for the people it has brought into my life!  Seriously, if CF weren't so crappy it'd be pretty darn cool.

Aside from Great Strides we've been pretty busy with other things, too. Important things like playing in the kiddie pool on the front lawn, having picnics at the park and eating an insane amount of popsicles. I'm determined to soak up as much sunshine and summer fun as I possibly can this year! Two of the last three weekends we actually spent camping, which has been one of our very favorite things to do together since Adam and I first met. Here are just a few pictures from our recent mountain adventures.

I promise my child isn't always so filthy!
We were CAMPING so even if I had tried to keep her
clean, she would have looked like an orphan. 

This picture is PROOF that my husband actually
knows how to smile for a camera! 


  1. I love that you've been so busy enjoying life! Isn't that the reason why we fund raise in the first place? :-)

    Big hugs and lots of love, my friend.

  2. Looks like great fun and really good pictures too. So glad you are well and enjoying your summer. Thanks for posting and enjoy more summer fun camping or anything to your heart's content.



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