Monday, May 21, 2012

Currently having a love affair

With this guy:
Billy and I go way back... to a time
when Tae Bo was actually cool.
What did you expect? Something really juicy like I've been having a torrid affair with my ultra hot mailman? Sorry to disappoint you, but my mailman really isn't that hot. In fact, she isn't even a man.


Anyway... I've always loved Tae Bo! I know it's sooo not the hip thing anymore, but I don't care. I think it's a great workout. There was a time when I was in much better shape and could do an entire workout from start to finish without even having to stop for a breather. While that's certainly not the case anymore (I think I spend more time curled up in fetal position trying to prevent my lungs from jumping out of my throat than I actually spend working out) I still like to throw some Tae Bo into my workout routine every now and then. That is, when I'm actually making an effort to work out. I'd been slacking for quite sometime, but while I was in the hospital this last time I may have promised a couple people that I'd start working out regularly again. Apparently exercise is supposed to be good for you or something. 

So Billy Blanks and I have rekindled that old flame and we've been seeing each other a couple times a week, in between some other workouts I've been doing. (Note to self: you should probably stop making promises you don't intend to keep. I mean, promising that you'll work out four times a week? REALLY?!? Even Billy isn't worth that kind of physical exertion.) 

But don't worry, Adam knows about everything going on between Billy and I, and he's fine with it. It's taken a little while, but he's finally gotten used to these little affairs of mine. In fact, they happen so frequently that he hardly seems to notice them anymore. 

I'm also currently having a love affair with this video:  

This TV show: 

And these shoes: 

So, sorry, but there's no really point to this post except to say that my seriously out of shape body (especially my butt and legs) has been killing me for two weeks straight, and my husband is basically a saint for putting up with all the whining I've been doing about it. 

But the shoes, they're totally cute, right? 


  1. Nice job! I'm a firm believer in exercise/spending time in said fetal position. I do it often! Im glad you are getting into a good routine! And yes, the shoes are adorable!

  2. Oh Jenny, i still love Tae Bo too!! I also love that song and the shoes are totally cute! :)

  3. Jenny,

    I miss your post. Hope you are doing well.



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