Monday, April 9, 2012

A few reasons I haven't been blogging much lately

1. Have you seen the weather these past few days? If you could see my lobster-red shoulders, you'd realize that I've been spending every possible moment outside soaking up the sunshine. Who wants to be inside messing around on a computer when they could be outside having a picnic with the cutest two-and-a-half year old around?

2. Adam and I started a handful of DIY remodeling projects a few weeks ago. Long story short: knowing what I know now, if I had to choose between a) having bamboo chutes shoved underneath my fingernails while my eyes were being pecked out by a flock of small birds or b) remodeling a kitchen, I would seriously consider the first option.

3. This whole Great Strides thing has become pretty time consuming. I think about fundraising ideas all day long while I'm at work, but I have to wait until I get home before I can really work on things and by then I'm usually too tired or have too much to do around the house (see #2). It's very frustrating. I'm meeting with a lady about team T-shirts on Wednesday and I'll be stopping by small businesses in the community asking for donations over the next couple weeks. I'm still really excited to be doing this but to be honest, it's kind of exhausting.

4. Truth is, I haven't been feeling very well for a while now. I've been battling fevers, chest pain, shortness of breath and one hell of a cough off and on for about a month. I've been spending a lot of time exercising, resting whenever possible and trying to fit in a bunch of extra treatments. Even still, I have a clinic appointment later this month that may turn into a hospitalization if I can't kick this junk by then.

Life has been pretty busy (to say the least) but I hope to start blogging more frequently again in the near future. I've missed it lately. But until life slows down a little, here's a picture of little Gracie. Clearly I'm not the only one who's been loving the nice weather!


  1. Ugh! I'm so sorry to hear that you're still not feeling back to normal. I'm really crossing my fingers and praying that you can kick it without a hospitalization!!!

  2. Remodling a kitchen?! No wonder you've been MIA lately. Don't overwork yourself. =\ I'll also keep my fingers crossed that you can kick the dreaded first phase of infection.

    Gracie is too adorable for words. I mean, look at that smile.

  3. Hope the remainder of the DIY kitchen remodeling projects go well. Hey, if it was fun and easy, everyone would be doing it. Just think, later on you can look back, admire your hard efforts, and say, "Look what we did!" Good luck with it!

    Sorry you've not been feeling well. Wishing for you to avoid the hospital stay as well.

    LOVE the Gracie picture!!!



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