Monday, March 19, 2012

When it's okay to smack the ones you love

"Honey, will you pound on me?" is not something you hear a lot of wives ask their husband. However it's something I ask Adam to do on a regular basis.

I should probably mention that I don't mean "pound" in a dirty or inappropriate way at all. (C'mon guys, get your mind out of the gutter! Have you ever known me to be anything but tasteful and proper? Name one instance where I've written anything even slightly off color. Okay, okay... I said name one!) Those of you who are familiar with CF or have spent enough time with Adam and I know that "pounding" is a term we use for chest physiotherapy (CPT). Essentially, Adam pounds my back, sides and chest with his hands in order to loosen the sticky mucus that builds up in my lungs, making it easier for me to cough it out.

Morgan has witnessed this "pounding" since she was very young and now that she's a little older, she likes to get in on the action. Whenever she sees Adam pounding me, she immediately comes running over to "help". Though her little hands are pretty much ineffective -- the harder the pounding, the better in my opinion (again NOT dirty!!!) -- I think it's adorable that she's so enthusiastic about hitting me.

Last night, after Adam went to work, Morgan and I were watching a movie together in my bed. I was lying down, she was sitting by my head playing with my hair. I was thinking to myself what a sweet, relaxing mother/daughter moment we were sharing when all of a sudden and completely out of nowhere, she SMACKS me right on the shoulder. And the she continued smacking me on my back, shoulder and arm. Just as I was about to ask her what in the world she was doing she sweetly said, "You feel better now, Mom?"

Three things immediately crossed my mind:

1) She was pounding me just like she'd seen her dad do countless times.
2) She has no idea why he does it, but I must like it since I ask him to do it so often. She likely thinks it's a game or a special way to show affection.
3) It's quite possible that she pounds other people/children to show her love for them.

I can just imagine her in a few years from now. On the first day of school she'll meet her new best friend, Johnny. After sharing their glitter and glue during art time, sitting by each other at lunch and playing together on the playground at recess, he'll sweetly say "Goodbye, Morgan. I had fun playing with you. You're my best friend." And she'll return his sentiment by hauling off and smacking him across the chest.

When she's in the principal's office and he asks her why she hit Johnny, she'll be confused. "Isn't that what you do to people you love?" When he tells her that no, you shouldn't hit anyone, especially the people you love, she'll say, "Oh.... well, my dad does it to my mom all the time."

And when DCFS shows up on my doorstep I'll tell them, "I've been expecting you." Followed immediately by, "I can explain."


  1. This might be my absolute favorite of your amazing blog posts. Because it is so Morgan the way you describe it. So funny. By the way, the first time you said pound I knew exactly what you meant, I never thought anything dirty at all. But the picture of sexy coal miners, that was too much :)

  2. P.S. One time when Evan was congested and sick with a cold, I was like, "Let me try something that CF people do." I pounded him--although I was hesitant to do it really hard. He actually felt better after too.

  3. Jenny, you crack me up. I love reading your blog. You have such a talent for writing. Keep 'em coming!!! :)

  4. Too funny! I just love that she asked if you feel better. So sweet! Pounding doesn't really work on me, so noe of thy here. I just have my son pretending to cough and gg in's wildly entertaining!

  5. i somehow missed this post and just now came across it. very, very funny : )


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