Wednesday, February 29, 2012


When I was in the hospital this past January I had an interesting conversation with a man who works in the cafeteria. I had noticed him looking at me strangely as I placed my order and when he handed my food across the glass partition a few minutes later, he asked me in a thick Middle Eastern accent, "Do you believe in twins?"

He went on to explain that he didn't mean the kind of twins that grow in the womb together, but more of a "face twin" - two people who exist in different parts of the world who are not related, but have the same face. "I only ask," he said, "because I know YOUR twin."

He told me that before he moved to the states he had a close friend in Pakistan who looked just like me, with much darker hair and eyes (obviously). The resemblance between myself and this other woman was apparently pretty shocking to him, and he apologized for not being able to stop staring at me. "More than just your similar facial features, it's in the eyes," he said. "You have her same kind eyes."

Aside from the fact that I was flattered and touched by his "kind eyes" comment, I found his whole idea about "twins" very interesting. In the weeks that have passed since that conversation, I've found myself thinking about it several times.

I'm pretty sure I met a different twin of mine yesterday. Well, not so much "met" her as accidentally climbed into her car thinking it was mine.

After dropping a prescription off at the pharmacy for my brother (who came to Utah for a weekend trip and ended up having an emergency appendectomy, prolonging his stay by several days) I opened my car door and started getting in when I suddenly realized, this isn't my car.

The car was a gold colored Grand Am, like mine. It had a broken driver's side window, just like mine does. It was parked very close to the same spot that I remembered parking in, and on the ring of keys left in the ignition (something I'm guilty of doing while running quick errands in our little town) I noticed a large keychain that simply read: JENNIFER. I swear I'm not making this up.

In fact, the only indication that it wasn't my car is that this car was incredibly clean.

You know, face twins are pretty cool, I guess. And people who share a name and drive the same kind of car are kinda neat, too. But find someone whose car is as disastrous as mine and I'll REALLY be impressed! I don't believe that kind of twin exists.


  1. That is crazy! I had a twilight zone moment like that once when I went to put something in my trunk and realized the groceries I'd put in there earlier that day were gone. After freaking out for a minute going "Someone stole my groceries!!!" I slowly looked at the car's license plate and realized... it wasn't my car! But MY KEY HAD UNLOCKED IT! It was so bizarre. That's old cars for ya, though!

  2. Oh so Manti for everyone to leave their car open and keys in the ignition, but yeah, your car is pretty dirty :) But other things take more time in your life. I don't leave stuff in my car and trash and stuff. But I only wash it and vacuum it like twice a year or less-oops!

  3. Jenny,

    You never cease to amaze me at the most interesting topics you share with us readers. You're just a GREAT writer and I check your blog almost everyday hoping for a new post. Sort of like a book you just can't put down.

    Best regards always,


  4. Haha! I agree face twins are neat. I've met people who I believe totally have a face twin. I love his comment about your kind eyes - how sweet! :)

  5. A couple of years ago I was at Roys, when it was Fat Jack and a guy kept looking at me. I thought now that is really strange. Finally he came over to me and said, "do you mind if I get a picture of you?". He said that he had a really good friend he hadn't seen for a while and she would be totally shocked to see a picture of the two of us (him and me)together because I was an exact picture of her. I let his friend take the picture and when they left I turned to my friends and said, "That's really scary to think there's another one of me running around out there."


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