Friday, January 6, 2012

A new year = new hospital bills

The first post of this beautiful new year is being brought to you from one of my very favorite places on Earth (can you feel the sarcasm?) -- THE HOSPITAL!

I caught a cold about a month ago and even though I got over the initial cold symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, etc.) fairly quickly, things settled in my lungs and ultimately I wasn't able to fight it off on my own. When I came to clinic a couple days ago, my PFT's were quite a bit lower than I expected - most likely because this happened over the course of a few weeks. I was gradually losing what added up to be about 25% of my lung function, but since it was just a little bit here, a little more there, it didn't seem so bad. My body was able to acclimate to the changes and I convinced myself that I'd be fine.

CF can be funny that way; sometimes it sneaks up out of nowhere and knocks you on your butt so fast it leaves you seeing stars, and other times it takes quiet little jabs so sneaky that you almost don't notice until one day you find yourself blogging from a hospital bed... again.

I expect to be feeling fantastic in no time! Rather than think of this hospitalization as the end of a good run of health, I prefer to think of it as the launch of a new, healthy year. 2012 is going to be great, friends!

I'm sure I'll post more while I'm here in the pokey (I'll definitely have some free time on my hands) but right now there's an adorable little blondie who is demanding some snuggle time with her mama. I'd better go attend to that.


  1. I hope you kick this quickly and you're back out and feeling fine VERY soon. I hear you about the bills too - I hate if I have to go in at the beginning of January. Dang deductibles. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. I am amazed by my body's ability to acclimate to things. It's just crazy. I can go from dying of pain one day to going "hmm, this isn't so bad after all, I think I'm fine" the next day. It always astonishes me! And it has many a times been the cause of me ending up in the hospital for a surprise admission as well...

  3. Certainly hope you recover quickly and are out of the "hos-pokey" real soon. Glad you're making the best of it with some cute little blonde girl snuggle time. Get this tune up out of the way and be on your way to better health in 2012!!



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