Friday, January 13, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

- I lied. In my last post I said that I'd write more while I was in the hospital but, well, I didn't. Please don't hold it against me. The good news is: since I'm not writing this from the hospital, clearly that means I'm home!

- I was discharged today (sooner than expected), just nine days after I was admitted. I responded really well to the antibiotics and my PFTs jumped right back up to baseline... plus some. I'm feeling pretty great, and I hope to stay that way for quite some time.

- My x-rays actually looked better than they did six months ago. Two of my doctors commented on how rare it is to see improvement in CF lungs and encouraged me to continue doing "whatever I've been doing". I'm thrilled about this!

- No matter how many times it happens, I don't think I ever realize how sick I was feeling until I'm feeling better. When I start to get sick, it's easy to tell myself that I'm not feeling too bad, but after a few days of antibiotics and inpatient treatment I feel such a big difference that it's impossible not to look back and think, Yeah, I guess I really did feel like crap.

- Morgan is having some major post-hospital anxiety. Earlier this evening when I stepped out of the truck to use the Redbox, she had a complete meltdown (even worse than 20 minute meltdown she had this morning when I insisted she wear pants in public). 

- I left a fairly-normal/maybe-a-little-larger-than-normal-looking Dixie at home just over a week ago and returned to find this:

Yep, Dixie's gonna be a mama... again (those of you who know her history as a mother may be surprised that we chose to breed her again, but I'm 74% confident she won't eat these puppies). She is huge and miserable, and she still has almost two weeks to go. For her sake (and mine) I'm hoping those puppies are about done growing. Any guesses as to how many are in that tummy of hers? 

- Just one more thing real quick: IT'S SO GREAT TO BE HOME!


  1. SO happy to hear how good you're feeling!!!! YAY YOU!! :)

  2. I always feel that way after a few days of being in and then when I get home and see how much more I am able to do I always tell Ben, "see I'm not lazy, I really didn't feel good.". Crazy what we can make ourselves believe. I'm glad you are doing better and awesome that your x-rays have improved. What is it you're doing different?

  3. Emilee - The only thing I've been doing differently at home is using the essential oils I mentioned here a while ago. Last July we made a huge change to the antibiotics I was getting while I was inpatient, and I think that has made a BIG difference. I felt like I recovered more fully after that admission, and my last two cultures have actually been negative for MRSA (which I'd been culturing for about 1 and 1/2 - 2 years).

  4. Glad you're home and feeling better! And that must feel so encouraging to have had improvement!

    And my guess is 6 puppies.


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