Wednesday, January 18, 2012

30 Days of Blogging: Day 3

Day 3: My Idea of the Perfect First Date

Some of you may not know this, but I haven't been on a first date in almost a hundred years. Okay, maybe it's closer to 7 years, but the point is that I haven't been in the dating circuit for quite sometime. I was never that girl who wanted to have dinner at a romantic restaurant followed by a long walk on the beach or anything like that. Most of my dating experiences consisted of "hanging out" with my guy friends. In fact, Adam and I never even had an official first date.

One of the few actual, honest-to-goodness dates I went on (which happened to be the first and last with this particular boy) was so awkward that instead of sharing thoughts about a PERFECT first date, I'm going to bend the rules and share a few tips about what NOT to do on a first date.

1) Do NOT take someone who has neither read the Harry Potter books nor seen any of the Harry Potter movies to the third movie and spend the whole time trying to bring her up to speed with what's happening. She doesn't care.

2) Do NOT offer to buckle her seatbelt for her. Opening doors is nice, buckling seatbelts is a little Ted Bundy-ish.

3) Do NOT under any circumstances pass gas in front of her. Propriety is extremely important to us ladies. Wait until at least the third date before you rip one, dude.

4) If she clearly doesn't want to hold your hand during the movie (no matter how much time you spend "accidentally" tickling her arm), do NOT try to kiss her at the door when you drop her off.

5) Do NOT assume that going on one date means you are an exclusive item, and do NOT tell your friends that you "totally hooked up" with her.


If you want to jump on the 30 Days of Blogging bandwagon, it's not too late! You can start at any time. Let's have some fun and get to know a little bit more about each other. Here's the list again:

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  1. Hahaha! No way! I can't believe all those things really happened! Some guys are hopeless!
    I would like to add to that 1)Tell her not to eat before your date because you are taking her out..then take her to McDonalds for dinner and THEN tell her she has to order off the dollar menu because you only have five bucks.
    2) Hit a dog with your car at the start of your date- and then try to laugh it off as you drive off not even to stop to see if the dog is still alive. (Wouldn't want to miss the previews!)
    3)Bump into an old friend that everyone knew you had a fling for in high school and then invite her to join you and your date for ice cream after the game. (Yes. I ended up in the back seat. Yes. He is still single.)

  2. Mary - Those are ALL awful... and sooo funny!


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