Tuesday, January 17, 2012

30 Days of Blogging: Day 2

Two days in a row? I'm on a roll, folks!

Day 2: My Favorite Movie

I'm a total sucker for old musicals like My Fair Lady and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I remember watching them and singing right along with my mom when I was younger (by the way, thanks for that, Mom). In fact, I still remember most of the songs word-for-word... which I realize is kind of lame.

Okay fine. If I were being totally honest, I'd tell you that my cousin Niki and I still act out June Bride on a regular basis. I'm always Liza. Bonus points if you know which one is Liza.

My favorite movie made in more recent years is Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (it's gotta be the first one though, they really went downhill after that).

I've been fascinated by pirates since I saw Muppet Treasure Island as a kid, and I've loved Johnny Depp since Edward Scissorhands (let's try not to focus on the fact that I had/have a crush on a recluse with scissors for hands). Put the two together and it's my personal slice of heaven on earth.

"But he's soooo dirty," people say. To which I reply, "Um, yeah." That's a major part of his appeal, people! Do you not understand what a pirate is? Besides... something tells me that even with all the dirt and grunge and bad teeth, he'd still smell like a meadow.


  1. Every time I see Johnny Depp, your the first thing that pops into my mind! :)


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