Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just when I start thinking I might want another one

Yesterday was one of those rare times when Morgan was so ridiculously sweet and well-behaved that for a brief moment I began thinking that maybe (just maybe) those strange people who have 16 kids aren't as crazy as they seem. What? You don't know any of those people? Come to Utah. Meet my Mormon relatives and neighbors.

Most days I can't comprehend why anyone has more than one or two kids. That's probably because most days spent with a two year old are the emotional equivalent of being run over by a garbage truck, but yesterday was one of those beautiful exceptions where Morgan was happy ALL DAY LONG. More than once I found myself watching her and thinking maybe one day I could actually handle more than one of these things.

Fast forward to this morning.

Adam's cell phone went missing after Morgan had been playing with it, and because sometimes God likes to have a good laugh at my expense, the phone was on vibrate mode. When we called from my cell phone and heard a very quiet vibration coming from our room, we immediately began The Bedroom Demolition. We moved the entire bed, looked under the pillows, shook out all the blankets, drug the dresser away from the wall to look behind it, used a flashlight to peek under all the furniture, tore through the whole closet and dug through all the dresser drawers, and do you know what we found? Absolutely nothing. Well, we actually found an alarming number of toys, blankets and goldfish crackers that Morgan had stashed away in random places, but no phone. However, we could still hear it vibrating somewhere in the bedroom every time we dialed his number.

In the middle of tearing apart our bedroom, I realized a little too late that it had been a while since the puppy had gone outside. Fortunately, her piddle puddles are only about the size of a quarter. Unfortunately, I found four of those puddles. While I was cleaning them up, I heard Morgan open the refrigerator door which never leads to anything good, so I jumped up to see what she was getting into. By the time I reached the kitchen she had already managed to spill an entire bottle of coffee creamer down the front of her body as well as all over the kitchen floor. The white pool of liquid was slowly creeping underneath the fridge and oven. Adam immediately put some towels down and started cleaning the mess in the kitchen while I wiped Morgan's sticky body off with a wet rag and finished cleaning up the puppy's mess, stressing about Adam's missing phone the entire time.

Two hours and 58 phone calls later (I really, really wish I was kidding) we still hadn't found his phone, and the fact that we could hear it but not see it made things even more frustrating! Morgan had taken full advantage of her father and I being occupied with our search for the phone and there were now toys scattered across the entire living room floor. Frustrated and upset, we decided to stop looking long enough to eat something, hoping to regroup and come back stronger, more focused.

As Adam and I were in the kitchen getting lunch ready, Morgan casually walked in... WITH ADAM'S PHONE IN HER HAND. We have no absolutely idea where she found it. I'm blaming those thoughts I had yesterday on a momentary lapse of reason. Because those people with more than just a few kids? Clearly they're nuts!


  1. sorry...but I'm laughing. What a day. Sounds like you guys are ready for a date night!!


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