Wednesday, November 9, 2011

And they call it Puppy Love

A few of you have asked how Adam reacted to our new puppy. To be honest, he didn't throw the tiniest fit about it. I didn't even have to play the truck card. "She's cute," he said, "and I'm glad she makes you happy."

Ummm... okay.

Part of me suspects that his reaction had something do with the text message I sent warning him that I'd done something naughty and asking him to please, please, please not be upset when he got home. Apparently while thinking about it on the ride home from work, he came to the conclusion that either a) I'd wrecked his truck or b) I was having an affair. So coming home to find a puppy (and nothing else) curled up in bed with me was a welcome relief.

A few things:

- We CANNOT decide on a name for this little gal. We've considered several, and we've even tried a few on for size, but nothing has stuck yet. She may be "The Puppy" for the rest of her life.

- Dixie suddenly seems impossibly huge! I've always considered her a "small" dog but compared to the puppy, she's enormous.

- The puppy spends about 20 hours a day sleeping and if she had it her way, she'd spend that 20 hours sleeping right in the crook of my neck. She absolutely loves to cuddle.

- Every other sentence out of my mouth is something like: Morgan, please don't drag the puppy by her ears. Morgan, the puppy can't breathe when you hug her that tightly. Morgan, please don't bite the puppy. Morgan, please don't put the puppy in the toilet; she goes potty outside.

- I have a feeling that potty training a two-year-old and house training a puppy at the same time might actually drive me crazy, so if you have any tips or advice please feel free to send them my way.

- Right now, as I'm typing this, the puppy is asleep on my lap. A minute ago I felt her move and thought she was repositioning herself. Turns out she was just so relaxed that she slid right off my leg like a slinky. It was awesome.


  1. woohoo! Congratulations on the cute new addition to the family. We just got a dog as well! Although our pup could probably eat your pup as a snack (german shepherd) and when he sits on our laps we lose circulation to our toes. haha

    Your puppy is soooooo teeny tiny! And those ears kill me! so floppy and lovable. How could Adam be mad at a face like that?

    Oh, and warning-- find a name soon because we couldn't decide on a name for our cat and we ended up calling her TK for "the kitty", you wouldn't want to end up calling your dop TP for ever people would wonder why you named it toilet paper!

  2. I want one! That has to be the cutest puppy under the sun! Potty training tips, for Morgan I have nothing, because I don't know how girls are from boys and potty training Colton was by far the worst part of parenthood so far for me! The puppy though, I got tips, I'm known for potty training my puppies in weeks! Take her out as soon as she wakes every time, if she starts to go on the floor or does put her out even if she's already done, when you take her out tell her it's potty time, use phrases like we go outside to go potty, and although they don't understand words she understands your gestures and voice change and will associate that with going to the bathroom. And if there's someplace particular in the yard you want her to go, take her to that spot when you take her out, and she should start going there on her own. Good Luck with both :)

  3. Thanks, ladies. We think she's super cute, too!

    Beth - We finally settled on a name, which is good because I totally agree - TP is just a little too weird. We had a German Shepherd a couple years ago, but she required much more time and energy than we could give her at the time, so we had to find a new home for her. It was really hard, but definitely in her best interest. We only had her for about a year, so she was still very puppy-ish when we last saw her. I often wonder how she turned out - I bet she's a great dog now! Good luck with your new little (or maybe not-so-little) one.

    Jamie - Thanks for the tips! House breaking Dixie (almost 5 years ago) was a miserabe experience. It took her almost a whole year to finally be accident-free. Adam and I both worked full-time then, which made it really hard. Hopefully things will be easier with this little one. I feel like she's already starting to catch on, which gives me a lot of hope!


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