Monday, October 17, 2011

How To


- Pronounce the word photography like "fertography".

- Act like you're the first person who has ever been clever enough to say "I love you, Jen-nay" to me (a la Forrest Gump).

- Lean over the counter until you're directly in my work area, let out a huge sigh and/or cough, then proceed to tell me how miserably sick you've been for the past week and a half.

- Whistle loudly in public places. Even better? String together a bunch of random notes that don't resemble any tune in particular.

- When I've prepaid for $30 in gas, stop the pump at $25.07 and force me to wait around for the next ten minutes as the numbers ever... so... slowly... creep the rest of the way to $30.


- Love me despite the fact that after beating the high score on Michael Jackson: The Experience, I turn to you and say with a fist pump,"Now that's how you Beat It!"

- Ask if we can have "cheesy bums" for dinner.

- Call me Jen. I don't go by Jen, and I really don't ever plan to, but I feel an instant camaraderie with anyone who is comfortable enough to shorten my name. Even more so if it's the first time we've met.

- On a night that I'm too lazy to cook a real dinner so I end up "making" chicken nuggets and french fries, enthusiastically tell me that you just love chicken nuggets and I'm the best step mom you've ever had.

- When we're watching a movie together, point out the weirdest/most dorky/quirkiest male character and say with a smile, "That's the one you think is sexy, huh?" You know me so well.

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  1. just guessing.... MJ doesn't happen to be one of the "weird" or "quirky" guys you happen to be attracted to??? lol


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