Monday, September 19, 2011

Out of the ashes

Looking around me tonight, I feel an incredible sense of gratitude for the things I have. My rundown little house. My bed. A fridge with food in it. Clothes in my closet. My TV. Framed pictures on the wall. All of these are things I usually take for granted, but when I really take a minute to think about it, I realize how fortunate I am to have something as simple as my hand-me-down couch.

This morning I learned that a friend (and coworker) of mine lost her house to a fire over the weekend. The structure itself is still standing but as far as what was inside the house, it was a complete loss. The only possessions she currently has are the few things she had taken with her on a short weekend trip. Her furniture, her clothes, all of her belongings are gone and she is literally homeless.

I'll say it again, I'm SO THANKFUL  for the things I have.

What really stood out to me today is the kindness that people have shown. Things like furniture, clothing, and money have already been donated. Within a matter of hours, a substantial amount of money was pooled together to help her buy the basic things she needs to survive (she's not even aware of this yet). I'm told that someone is getting an apartment ready for her to move into while she gets back on her feet. All of these things came together and were made possible only through the kindness of others, some of whom don't even know my friend.

So even though it has been a very sad day and thinking of the long road she has ahead of her breaks my heart, I'm also glad that I got to witness firsthand something that I've always believed but need to be reminded of sometimes:

When given the opportunity to be good or kind or caring, people generally rise to the occasion.

Any thoughts, prayers or positive energy you could send
my friend's way would be greatly appreciated. 

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  1. Jenny,

    So sorry to hear of the terrible loss your friend is enduring but glad to hear of the goodness in people's hearts around her.

    Will certainly be sending thoughts and prayers her way.



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