Sunday, August 21, 2011

Now that I think of it, has anyone seen Dixie?

Confession: my house is a total deee-saster right now. It's not like I'm ever at risk of having a stranger knock on my door and ask if they can peek inside my house because they've heard it's just so DAMN IMMACULATE. I just mean to say that it's unusually bad right now.

[Side note: if you're interested in seeing a person down an entire can of Vienna sausages in 6 seconds flat, my house is in fact the place to come. That rumor is true.]

I could probably come up with a pretty good excuse for the way it looks -- we were away from the house all weekend so I didn't have time to clean; I have a two year old who destroys the entire house 2.4 seconds after I finish cleaning; I was going to fold laundry but accidentally dished up a bowl of ice cream and watched The Bachelor Pad instead.

You know, the type of excuse everyone could use but instead... they just clean their house.

It's so bad right now that Adam came out of the bedroom earlier tonight and asked, totally disgusted, "Have you seen how dirty our bedroom is?"

"Not recently," I told him. "I'm purposely avoiding it. As long as nothing has sprouted legs and is currently walking around on our bed, there's nothing new to see."

This is exactly how I feel today
Now, you have to understand that we're not filthy people. In fact, I really enjoy having a clean house! My problem is that I don't feel the need to put everything I touch in it's proper place immediately after I'm done using it, which means that I tend to leave little piles throughout the house (piles of things to put in Morgan's room, paperwork to file, paperwork to shred, things to take upstairs, etc.). I'm not talking about the kind of piles you see on Hoarders that have developed their own personality and would require a wrecking ball and a 10 man construction team to get rid of. My piles are small, really. And they get cleaned up... eventually.

Another thing that often keeps me from cleaning is Morgan, and I don't just say that as a cop out. She is just such a force to be reckoned with that I usually have to wait until she is in bed before I can get anything accomplished. And sometimes... well, sometimes I just don't feel like cleaning. Sometimes a little "me" time is more important.

Like now, for example. Morgan is in bed, Adam is at work and I have some time that could easily be occupied with housework but instead, I think I'll curl up in bed with a good book. And do you know what? I probably won't even put the book away when I'm finished.

Tomorrow is another day and maybe, just maybe, I'll wake up with a little more ambition.

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  1. That vienna sausage thing, almost made me hurl. Those things are so gross. But I know exactly how you feel. That is how I feel about my house---pretty much always and i don't do well at keeping it clean. Although I don't do piles. :)


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