Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wonderful women

I happened to snap this picture at my mom's house last weekend and truth be told, I absolutely love it. Not because I'm a great photographer (I'm not) or because the quality of the photo is extraordinary (it's not).

I love it simply because of the beautiful people in it. I wish I knew the words to describe how fortunate I am to have these women in my life.

Mom and Grandma, I am incredibly blessed and so very proud to be a part of you. Thank you, I love you, and Happy Mother's Day.

Oh yeah, that baby is pretty
stinkin' cute, too! 

1 comment:

  1. I really love that picture. Mom and grandma look so much alike, huh? It leaves little wonder for what we'll look like when we are old.

    Oops, sorry mom and grandma. I didn't mean to imply that you are old. I should say "it leaves little wonder for what we'll look like when we have as much life experience as they do." or maybe "I hope that means we'll look as young as they do when we are there age."

    Anyway, great post honoring two great women. Love you guys! (I guess there's a chance mom might read this comment. Grandma...probably not.)


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