Monday, May 23, 2011

Just what I needed

We took full advantage of the sunshine this past weekend and took the girls to Hogle Zoo. We made the same trip in October, but Morgan has become a lot more interested in animals since then so we knew we wanted to take them again soon. However, it was a total spur of the moment decision to do it on Saturday.

Our friends, Holly and Evan, and their boys Kyle and Aiden, were able to meet up with us. Thanks again, Holly. I'm not used to having friends in real life in Salt Lake and since we hadn't really planned on going, I didn't even think to get a hold of them ahead of time. Holly just happened to see the following status update on Facebook and got in touch with me: Woke up with the urge to go to the zoo, so that's where we're headed. Shylee has just informed me that this makes me "like, really cool". Hoping to raise my status to "like, totally rad" by hitting the gift shop this afternoon.

One of my favorite conversations of the day was about Kyle's total lack of fear of the Zoorassic Park dinosaurs. Evan questioned whether or not Kyle knew enough about dinosaurs to survive in the event of a real-life Jurassic Park catastrophe. What if he didn't realize he should run away from the dinosaurs? Judging from the picture above I feel pretty confident that Morgan would have the appropriate reaction if she ever came face to face with a velociraptor. And now I can sleep easy at night.

Morgan isn't really down with Shylee treating her like a smaller child -- holding her hand, picking her up, that kind of thing -- which is all Shylee wants to do. She doesn't feel like she's magnifying her calling as Big Sister unless she can do these things but when she tries, she usually ends up with bite marks or a shiner under at least one eye. Kyle, however, loved all the attention from Shylee and these two became fast friends.

We did have one close call, but fortunately
we all made it out in tact.

Overall, the day was great. The sunshine, the girls' smiles and giggles, the $30 zoo food, spending time with friends outside the hospital  (Holly is a very faithful visitor and so far our entire relationship has been confined to a hospital setting)... everything was exactly what I needed!

Well, I guess I could have gone without that $30 lunch.

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  1. Great pictures Jenny!! You need some of those "spur of the moment" times in your life to recharge your batteries. Glad you're seeing some nice weather and was enjoyed by all.



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