Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here again

I'm too tired and drained to even try to be clever right now, so I'm just going to give the details. I'm back in the hospital. I got here yesterday. I started feeling sick on Monday night -- shortness of breath, fever, increased cough, the whole shebang. It all hit  so quickly. I went from feeling great to feeling like total crap within a matter of a few hours. Tuesday morning, after sleeping very little, I woke up feeling like my lungs had been taken out of my chest and run over by a truck.

I had an appointment scheduled with the CF clinic for Wednesday (today) because of the cold I caught shortly after I left the hospital last month. But I'd had such a good weekend and felt so great that I'd actually called earlier Monday afternoon  to cancel that appointment. When I woke up feeling so terrible on Tuesday, I immediately called to try to reschedule. I was told to go to my primary care physician (who, incidentally, we were already going to see because Morgan got pinkeye) then to call them back and we'd make a plan from there.

Our family doctor did a quick check-up and confirmed that I have pneumonia again (which I've been prone to since I came down with a terrible case of it in 2009). My oxygen saturation was sitting at 85 and my heartrate was around 150. She told me that I needed to get to my CF clinic right away. When I called clinic to let them know what she had said, the nurse coordinator told me to get up here as soon as I could and that I'd have to be admitted through the ER.

After a stressful few hours of packing, picking up prescriptions for Morgan, making arrangements for child care, picking up oxygen tanks for the ride to Salt Lake and trying to tie up any loose ends that we could think of last minute, we were finally on our way. I got here in time to do PFT's (which turned out to be awful, by the way -- down a full 40% from when I left the hospital last month!) and was somehow lucky enough to bypass the ER altogether. I was taken from the PFT lab, to admitting, to my room within a matter of minutes.

So here I sit, frustrated and completely baffled by the recent events that got me here. Never in my life have I been hit by something so hard, so fast. I'm quite angry at CF right now and, if I'm being totally honest, I'm scared.


  1. I am so, so sorry, Jenny :-( You had such a fabulous Sunday and now this... I'm hoping for quick, but lasting healing, so you can get back home. Sending lots of love <3

  2. Jenny,
    Hang in there and keep a positive outlook!! The main thing is that you took action when you started feeling sick. I think that is key to getting back to 100%. Just think summer is right around the corner and how much better you will feel once the meds start working. Soon you will be outside running around with your kids. Keep us posted on how things are going. Remember keep your head up because there are many brighter days in the future!!!!!


  3. Jenny,

    So sorry to hear of your recent setback with pneumonia but praying your team will get you feeling better and out of there soon. Hoping Morgan gets over her pink eye soon too! Sending healthy vibes and {{hugs}} to you and Morgan.


  4. That is terrible I am so sorry. I hope you feel better soon and the picc line was not such a big deal this time. Let me know if you need anything, we will be taking a trip to SLC on Monday.

  5. Jenny,
    I am SO sorry. This was really the last thing I expected to read, especially after your joyful (and healthy!) weekend you just posted about. Cf takes us down when we expect it to, and when we least expect it to as well. I'll be thinking of you. Hold on tight- you WILL get through this storm.


  6. So sorry to hear you are back in the hospital so soon. It is scary when things unravel so fast after you just finished fixing them. Discouraging! Hope your UofU team gets you on the best treatment plan possible so you can breathe easier soon. :)

  7. OH my gosh Jenny our lives are like mirrors of each other right now! I was in for 2 weeks in april out only 2 weeks to be hit sudden and fast with something ended up in the Er and back in the hospital for the same thing as you! Now finishing up another 3 weeks of IV's, still not doing that great and scared. I hope you get feeling better soon and it sticks this time :)


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