Sunday, April 10, 2011

The making of a Princess Party

My mom bought Shylee a Pink Princess Tea Party cookbook for Christmas, which means I've been promising Shylee that we'd have a princess party "someday" for a little over three months now.

"Someday" turned out to be yesterday.

(Even though I'd been up most of the night before with a fever, body aches, and relentless cough. I'd already told Shylee about the party and it would have broken her heart if I didn't follow through. Adam was kind enough to take the girls -- as in, actually leave the house -- for a couple hours yesterday so I could get a good nap in and I woke up feeling much better. Isn't he the best? Thanks, babe.)

It all started with cookies. While grocery shopping earlier in the week, I saw some Easter themed cookie dough with blue and purple chocolate chips. That's all it took to get the wheels turning, and just like that, a princess party was born.

I had two helpers* in the kitchen with me yesterday.

*I use the term "helpers" loosely here.

A few items on the menu: chocolate dipped banana chunks, Princess Candy Crunch, and cherry-vanilla cream soda.

We had our party, complete with a princess tablecloth and princess plates, in the living room so we could also watch a princess movie (the girls chose Aladdin, during which Shylee mentioned she thinks it'd be a pretty good idea for me to buy an outfit like Jasmine's. Although her dad probably wouldn't disagree with that, I told her it's not really appropriate for women to dress the way Jasmine dresses all the time, but maybe I'll consider it the next time Arabian Princess Day rolls around at work.)


Adam wasn't fond of the idea of being too near anything containing that much pink, especially when he learned that princess attire was a requirement, so he did his best to steer clear of the living room. He did come around long enough to snap a quick picture of the three of us though.

Shylee is eager to try more of the recipes and has been flipping through her cookbook, picking out which items she'd like to make next time. "When can we have another princess party?" she asks.

"Someday," I tell her, "someday."


  1. That is so cute! I love the chocolate covered bananas they look really fun. We had movie night on Friday and all watched Tangled, even Daddy... we did popcorn and cookies--but next time making it an official princess party would be a great idea. Isabel is into all things princess. How fun!

  2. What a fun mom you are. I love the picture of the three of you. Mom bought Halle a mermaid cookbook, so we were going to do that for her birthday, but with me being in the hospital, that didn't happen. So I have been thinking we need to have a random mermaid party. It would be fun to do a party with all the girls when we come visit in August.

  3. Okay, seriously. Those are the sort of things that I don't get to do with boys. Although I am also like Adam and feel that that much pink might be a good reason to be avoided. I think you are the best mom in the world.

  4. Well don't you look ladies look all fru-fru and happy. Moganko would have come to the princess party. He loves parties! :-)

  5. Having a princess themed birthday party is a great idea to make your daughter and her friends feel like a princess for a day. The decorations, invitations, and activities you could do are endless. Having the right princess party supplies can add more fun and excitement for the special birthday girl!


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