Friday, April 1, 2011

I've never been so ashamed

As I was driving home from work earlier today I found myself groovin' to a tune I've heard before, but never really paid attention to. This is a pretty catchy tune, I thought. It'd be a great song for dance parties in the kitchen. I should find out who sings it.

When I looked into it a little more, I was ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED.

It pains me deeply to admit that Morgan, Shylee and I have watched this four times now.

I'll understand if you want to stop following my blog now.


  1. Nooooo! Have you taken your temperature? Have you caught it? The Fever. *gasp* The BIEBER FEVER?? hehehehe ;-P This post really made me chuckle, especially after your recent post on Bieber.

  2. Can't get rid of us that easily, but worth a try! :>)

  3. Jenny,
    Don't feel alone. It sadly has happened to me too! :(


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