Sunday, April 24, 2011

A few of my favorite (hospital) things

1. Endless games of "Where's Morgan?"
Although there are only so many places one can hide in a hospital room.

2. Catching up on all the movies Adam refuses to watch
On the list tonight, Black Swan.

3. This sleepy face
Look at those baby blues. Need I say more?

4. Getting out of my room
For any reason, really, but especially when it involves food or sunshine.

5. Getting to eat in bed
Do I mention this little perk every time I come here? Probably, but Adam won't let me do it at home and right this second there are Butterfinger crumbs in my bed and no one even cares! How cool is that?

6. Watching helicopters
My room has a pretty cool view of the helicopter landing for the neighboring hospital. What I enjoy even more than watching the helicopters themselves is watching both Adam and Morgan make a mad dash for the window every time they hear one approaching.

7. Being with my baby girl 
It doesn't matter what we do, really. Just having her here makes me one happy mama.

8. The view
I know I've said it before, but the views I get from this room are awesome!


  1. She is so awesome. Thanks for letting us take her. My father-in-law, the stoic quiet type, even said that she is such a sweet cute girl.

  2. At least the glass is half full.
    I'm already dreading to stay in the hospital for the whole giving birth thing... and that's only a few days.
    You are awesome, maybe they'll be something I can make the most of.
    Thanks for being Pollyanna for me today :)


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