Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The road to this girl's heart

...is paved with aloe, apparently.  
Aloe Vera Juices, Aloe Vera Skin Gel,
Body Heat Pain Relief Vanilla Rub,
and Daily Greens Formula
I've been wanting to start using aloe for a while now, but wasn't sure where to get a quality product or even what exactly I needed to start. I mentioned this to my uncle and he informed me that my aunt Robin (who recently joined the family) is "The Aloe Queen". He wasn't kidding. The woman is passionate about healthy living and is a like a walking vault of information on aloe. This past weekend, the lovely Robin brought me a wonderful gift -- a bunch of aloe products! I'm so excited about them, I just had to share a little bit here.
"The general benefits of aloe vera are varied. It can benefit a person both externally and internally. This power packed plant provides so many essential minerals, vitamins and substances that the human body needs and its ability to support the body has long been known to those who practice home remedies." -- aloe-vera-studies.org
"Studies have shown that Aloe Vera can effectively treat a wide range of ailments. When used externally, it is very effective at treating insect bites, acne, sunburns, rashes, scars, blemishes, sores, eczema, psoriasis and other skin infections. It can also be taken internally to treat blood pressure, internal tissue damage, high blood sugar levels, arthritis, ulcers, constipation, poor appetite, digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and colon disorders. Aloe Vera is also known to help with weight loss and to boost our immune system. Many people have found that taking aloe vera juice daily helps to maintain overall good health and provide a sense of well-being and energy." -- homeremediesweb.com

Aloe Juices (pictured above) contain whole leaf aloe vera juice and 7% natural fruit juice concentrate (no sugar added). The juices I currently have are Orange Papaya and Cherry Berry flavored. I originally planned on adding aloe juice to my green smoothies, but these juices are so yummy that I've been drinking them straight.

"Benefits include help with Digestion and Absorption when taken before meals, Energy, Immune System Support, Anti-Inflammatory support for the tissues and joints, Allergies, Liver Support, Bowel distress, Skin. The high quality formula contains no water and there is no high heat or oxidation used in processing keeping all essential nutrients and polysaccharides intact providing maximum immune system support." -- aloelife.com

Daily Greens Formula partial list of ingredients:
  • organic barley juice
  • whole leaf aloe vera
  • organic wheat grass
  • parsley
  • oat grass
  • kale
  • asparagus
  • dandelion greens and roots
  • broccoli
  • sprouts
  • carob
"Detoxify your body with the power of these incredible green vegetables. The highly alkalizing formula has been carefully chosen to contain vegetables with a 3:1 ratio of Calcium to Phosphorus, which is very important to allow the body to utilize the calcium and to achieve alkalinity. One Tbsp contains 4-5 servings of vegetables!" -- aloelife.com
The daily greens (also pictured above) are a little less yummy than the aloe juices, but honestly they aren't too bad. I tried them in applesauce and it was pretty good - the texture is a little different, but the taste is fine (although it looks terrible). Morgan and I have been eating them as a before dinner snack each evening and it feels GREAT knowing that we're adding so much good to our diet simply by using one packet a day.

This is in no way a plug for these specific products, nor the company they came from. I know a few of you who read this are also fans of natural supplements and health remedies, so this is simply to say that if you haven't already, you may want to look into the health benefits of ALOE VERA. I'm very excited to add it to my daily regimen, and I'm optimistic about the results!

*Nothing in this post should be considered professional medical advice.


  1. So interesting! My neighbor once convinced me into trying aloe vera juice. Although mine was 99% sugar and 1% aloe vera juice. haha bad choice on my part.

    I can't wait to hear your results! I've read a bit about it but never really looked to far into it. Please please keep us updated. =)

    PS. The circus post - hilarious and so darn adorable! Are you ever not smiling? With those cutie patooties I can imagine it'd be hard not to have a grin plastered on each day.

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