Sunday, March 20, 2011

Livingston Family Circus

Morgan has always loved taking baths. Since the very first time her wrinkly newborn body slipped into the water and she breathed an audible sigh of contentment, my baby has been a water baby.

Bath time, which is already pretty great in Morgan's opinion, reaches a whole new level of awesome when her sister gets to join.

These two could spend hours in the tub together, and sometimes I'm tempted to let them because they're having so much fun. In their minds, bath time is more fun than the park... or the circus.

You know, now that I think about it, there are some similarities between the circus and bath time at our house.

There are body contortionists:

Very blue water courtesy of Crayola Color Bath Dropz

And illusionists:

Shylee insisted this was a "neat magic trick"
Maybe you can see something I can't

All kinds of daring and entertaining acts:



Wild animals (wild animal-like children anyway):

And even a bearded lady:

Who says you have to run away to join the circus? 


  1. I leave Kyle in as long as he wants after I bath Aiden--so we usually start baths at 5:30 so he's sure to be done by 6:45 so we can get them in bed on time. I know that you think I'm a bad mom for saying I leave my child behind. But I also know that when he goes under the water, he is capable of getting himself back up---tested it several times. The biggest problems are "no splashing!"

  2. So much joy!!!
    Bath full of water, bubbles, and absolute contentment. Ahh.

  3. Haha great pictures, we love bath time too! :)


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