Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I've got the fever

...and I've got it bad.

And, for those of you wondering, I'm NOT talking about Bieber Fever. In fact, I make a real effort to avoid all things Bieber.

Case in point: I recently turned the TV on, only to find Justin Bieber staring back at me and before I even knew what I was doing, I flung my body in front of the TV in order to create a human shield between Morgan and that ridiculously Bieberlicious hair of his. Every single instinct I have was telling me that I had to protect her from him. So I stood there with my arms outstretched in front of the screen as I frantically tried to find a new channel in the same way I would have if we'd accidentally tuned into porn. Or Barney.

See, there are certain things that I don't want my child exposed to at such a delicate age, and Justin Bieber happens to be one of them. I mean, have you seen what Bieber Fever does to people??? And I'm not just talking about young girls.

Science has yet to find a cure for Bieber Fever, which is more than a little concerning to me as we already have one incurable illness to deal with in our family. There's just never been a Justin Bieber before, so there's no way of predicting what long term effects he may have on people's health.

Plus, I once knew a guy who died from complications of Sigourney Weaver Fever. Can you really blame me for being a little over protective?

Anyway, the fever I'm currently suffering from has absolutely nothing to do with adolescent boys or creepy older women. It is a far less dangerous strain known as Spring Fever.

I get a pretty bad case of it around this time every year. Our winter here started in October, which means we've already had snow for five months in a row. That's about four months too many in my opinion.

We have some pretty fun things planned for this spring/summer including a trip to an aquarium and possibly the zoo again, lots of swimming, parks, camping, picnics, and hopefully at least one water amusement park (I'm still trying to convince Adam that this one's a good idea). I'm getting REALLY ANXIOUS for warmer weather, but last year (as is common for Utah) it was still snowing near the end of May, so I'm not expecting full relief from my Spring Fever symptoms for at least a couple more months.

Until then, a girl can always dream....

Wait, that's not what I... NO! See how he just claws his way in? Stop it! GET OUT OF MY HEAD, JUSTIN BIEBER!

Ahhh, that's more like it. Whew, that was a close call.


  1. I know how some of those fevers can get to you. I've had a bad case of Pfeiffer fever (as In Michelle) and it's rather incurable. Maybe your Spring fever can be cured before too much longer. Wouldn't know about that other one though. Good luck!!

  2. I am suffering from Spring Fever as well. We have snow piled up so high at our fence we have stray dogs walking over the fence to play with our dogs!!! SPRING COME NOW!!!!!


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