Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feelin' funky

Not like bow-chicka-wow-wow funky, either. More like detached, not myself, more stressed, less put-together kind of funky.

The woman you passed on the highway, the one going 45 mph and crying? That was probably me. Why was I crying? I wish I could tell you, but I just don't know. I also cried during Amerian Idol last week and when I couldn't find my phone the other day. Just reliving the moment in my mind makes me a little teary eyed right now.

Oh, and you know the crazy lady who empties the entire contents of her purse on the floor, searching for her keys? Or the one who comes to work with the back of her dress still unzipped? I've become that lady. I'm a total mess!

Blogging has been my outlet for quite sometime now but lately, logging online feels like a chore. Nothing comes to mind and when I try to type, I sit there staring at a blank screen. I haven't even read other blogs for several days. Simply put, I'm in a funk.

I'll try to write about something really cool when I'm feeling more like myself, but until then I'm just attempting to keep track of my own head and make sure I'm fully dressed before I leave the house.

I found my keys, by the way. After I'd given up looking and put all my crap back in my purse, I got to the car and saw them sitting in the ignition.


  1. This too shall pass. Sorry you're in a funk. Fight through it. Try posting something you're scared to post - anything out of the norm for you. Or, something crazy, different.

  2. Glad to see you posting but sorry about your funk. Hope you're out of the fog soon.

    Liked your bow-chicka-wow-wow funk description. You still have your great humor! :>)

  3. Funk happens...darn it. Hope yours is in the rearview mirror very soon.

  4. Wow, I'm so with you! I have had the hardest time post-hospital. I'm also the woman randomly crying on the freeway. ;) Here's hoping bost of us get past that quickly!


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