Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Currently loving

1. My New Purse

I can't reveal my sources, but I know someone who knows someone who can get a killer deal on designer purses. This is the latest addition to my collection, and it might just be my favorite. I think it's super cute and it fits perfectly under my arm, but more importantly, it's large enough to carry all my personal junk plus a couple diapers and some wipes. No more hauling around a purse and a diaper bag!

Who am I kidding, the real reason I wanted a big purse is because I'm hoping to use it to smuggle a family of squirrell monkeys into the country. I'll let you know how that works out.

2. Hypertonic Saline

I've only recently been able to use Hypertonic Saline. I experienced terribly painful bronchiospasms the first several times I tried using it, but during my hospitalization in December we tried again and Voila! I suddenly tolerated it fine. There are a lot of meds I take that don't make me feel noticeably different -- I simply have to trust that they're working. But I honestly feel a difference when I miss even one treatment with HS. I feel like it's really been helping and I guess I'll find out for sure later today (clinic appointment this afternoon).

3. Dried Cranberries

I'm eating them by the handful and/or adding them to nearly everything I eat. I simply can't get enough of them right now! I especially like them in a Greek yogurt, chicken and cranberry salad I've been making lately.

4. Mother Nature

I know, I know... I was just complaining about Utah winters. I still maintain that they're way too long and I'm more than ready for spring. But I have to admit that, even in the midst of her mood swings (60 degrees one day, 4 inches of snow the next), sometimes Mother Nature really gets it right.

5. "Giving the Business"

There's been a ridiculous amount of business-giving since the phrase caught my fancy a few days ago. What exactly is giving the business, you ask? Well, it's open to interepretation, but in our house it goes a little something like this:

I gave Adam the business about leaving his dirty socks on the floor again. In return, he gave me the business over losing my keys again. The two most commonly asked questions in our house are "what did I do with my keys?" and "have you seen my phone?". I can't even tell you how much business I'm given over this.

Morgan gave me the business for attempting to put her shoes on yesterday (the nerve of some people). She's at the stage where she wants to do it herself, but gets frustrated because she still lacks some of the motor skills required to do so. I have to wait until she asks for my help because the business is definitely given if I try to touch her shoes before she's ready.

I just realized I need to give a certain year-and-a-half old the business for licking the TV screen again. If you'll excuse me...


  1. Love the bag - I'm a purse girl myself :) Hope all goes well at your appointment today - I'm heading to mine on Friday!

  2. Jenny,
    That is a way cute, cute purse. I LOVE IT!

  3. Can you come give Kyle some business over using a sharpie on my walls, table, and his coat hangers while you are up here at your clinic appointment? I'd appreciate that. The timeout just doesn't seem strong enough.

  4. BUT is your purse big enough for you to carry your Pulmozyme around with you for those just in case moments, like the chick on Grey's Anatomy. If so, I really dig it!

    I know you dig the cranberry's in the greek yogurt, but I've just got to share that I am currently having a love affair with Chobani Greek Yogurt. I am convinced that it's the best stuff in the world and I feel sorry for all of those who have never tried it. Nice plug...and I don't even work for the company.

    In my family we're giving the business all day and night. It keeps it interesting. Here's my advice...go to Home Depot, buy two $.50 hooks for the wall, put them on the wall right by the door and NEVER put your keys anywhere but there. That will give you a leg up on your husband. You always want to make sure that you give your husband more business that he gives you :-)

  5. I LOOOOVE your new purse. What a great find!!! You are gorgeous too!

  6. Thanks ladies, for the purse compliments. I love it!

    Holly - once you start giving the business you simply won't be able to stop then Kyle won't know what to do. Try it, I'll bet you'd an incredible business-giver.

    Stacey - Chobani, huh? I'll have to check into it. Also, thanks for the advice, but we already have key hooks which is one of the main reasons I'm given SO MUCH business over losing them! (P.S. I don't do Home Depot anymore... I haven't been back since the whole lawnmover vs. achilles tendon incident.) ;-)

  7. Hi Jenny,

    Enjoyed your "giving the business" stuff you wrote. Had me laughing and reminded me of a NFL referee calling a personal foul penalty on a team for someone under the pile "giving the business" to an opposing player. Sorry, don't remember the ref's name or the teams involved.

  8. Not sure about the purse part, but your gal pals seemed to dig it. Liked the other choices a lot. Most excellent post.


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