Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OMG ur speling sux

I have to say, I'm a huge fan of texting. I love how quick and easy it is, not to mention how conveniently wonderful it is to have an entire conversation with someone without actually having to hear them speak. My issue with texting is this: I don't understand half the crap the kids are saying these days.

(I realize that makes me sound much older than I am. I've also recently developed a taste for liver, and if I had my way I'd be in bed by 9:00 each night, so maybe I really am old.)

It's not as if the people who text that way are dumb. I recently had a text conversation with a very intelligent friend of mine, who is far more educated than myself, that went a little something like this (blue is me, red is my friend):


I don't know what that means.

i have a ? 4 u lol

Oh... okay. What?

WUD 2 nite

Ummm... what?

wut u doin tonight lol

Not much. Why? What's up?

goin 2 C a moV u guys wanna come 

Does that mean you're going to a movie?

ya lol wanna come lol

And the conversation continued until I told her (10 messages and 14 LOL's later) that although I appreciated her offer, I was going to pass. I told her it was because we didn't have a babysitter but the truth is, the movie didn't even start until 9:00 and I was planning on being in bed by then.

It just seems like it takes so much more effort to spell things incorrectly on purpose. Especially when you are talking with someone as incompetent as myself and end up repeating everything you say. And the whole LOL thing? If there were an award for Most Overused Acronym, it would be given to LOL, hands down. It seems that everything warrants an LOL.

It's Friday! LOL!

My sister just got her driver's license. Stay off the roads! LOL!

Hi. LOL!

Can you imagine how creepy it would be if people actually laughed out loud as often as they type it? It makes me feverishly uncomfortable when someone uses LOL more than once in a single message. And when someone finds something especially funny, so they LOOOOOOL? Oh, just kill me now. I have never in my entire life laughed out out out out out out loud. In fact, I don't even know what that means.

The SINGLE good thing about LOL is the way it serves as a get out of jail free card every now and then. Like the way any uncomfortable pause in an instant message conversation can be filled with a random LOL. Or when you want to say something you probably shouldn't, as long as it's followed by LOL it's okay. For instance:

Anonymous: I can't believe you actually said you think your child is evil. Parenting can be hard, but you shouldn't take any moment with them for granted.

Me: I appreciate your input, and I really do make an effort to appreciate every moment with my child. But what I'd appreciate
even more is if you'd go ahead and bite me, you bitter hag. LOL!

In fact, LOL may not be such a bad thing after all. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to LOL your way out of real life situations? To be able to tell people, I know I sound like a complete jerk, but I'm totally LOLing inside.

Hmm... I may be onto something here.



  1. Well, this post made me literally LOL! ;)

    I am so with you on the bedtime thing. I have one friend who always invites me to 9pm showings (she is a night person and has a 1 year old, so she likes the late movies because her hubby can watch her son) and I always turn her down. Because you know what? I'm halfway to bed by 9!

  2. Holy crap! I completely agree with you... This made me giggle (not LOL) first thing in the morning :-)

  3. Well you would hate me! I always make it as short as I can so I can fit it all in a text. Oh and I overuse lol... LOL :P


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