Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I never promised you a rose garden

There's a story behind my new blog header... kind of a funny little story, actually. Well, you might not think it's very funny, but here it is anyway (first, you should probably know that my full name is Jennifer Rose).

It became apparent at a very early age that I was a bit bossy stubborn opinionated sassy headstrong  temperamental. I'm still that way, actually. My husband knows this about me, and has come to terms with it. You should too. (Sorry, it's the bossiness coming out.)

One day, when I was maybe four or five, my sisters and I had a CF clinic day. Those of you who have ever been to CF clinic know how lengthy those appointments can be. Well, take everything -- the doctor visit, the labs, the x-rays, the whole shebang -- and times it by three (me, plus two CF sisters) and you're in for ONE LONG DAY. I'd had a bit of a rough time and had been acting very, well... very much like  Jenny, as my mom would say.

There happened to be a student in clinic with the doctor that day and upon entering our room, the doctor (who knew me well) turned to the student and said, "And today you get to learn that life isn't always a bed of roses... sometimes it's a bed of Jennifer Roses."

And the saying just stuck. I can't count the number of times growing up that I was having a really hard time, being especially ornery, and my mom could get me to shape up (or at least get a smile out of me) simply by saying, "Life isn't always a bed of roses..."

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  1. Love the new blog header :)
    Oh and I was a Rose before I married♥


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