Friday, February 11, 2011


I hope you don't judge me too harshly for saying this, but sometimes.... sometimes I think my child might be the spawn of Satan.

She's also fallen victim to this cold I've had, so she hasn't been sleeping well lately. Last night she slept with Mom and Dad (which is something she rarely does anymore) and it really seemed to help her; she slept soundly for most of the night, which means she woke up happier than she's been for days. I, on the other hand, hardly slept at all. I couldn't shake the feeling that at some point I'd roll over and see that face staring at me.


  1. I am pretty sure some of my students are "The Children Of The Corn" and the closer my daughter gets to two the more possessed she is.

  2. Oh geez. That is scary, in a cute munchkin kinda way. :-)

  3. Gotta say that I did get a little freaked when I saw the picture. Trying to get it out my head. Help.


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