Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I get for being vain

Looking in the mirror this morning, I realized it was one of those rare days I felt 100% confident with my appearance. You know... one of those days where you know you look hot.

I was wearing a flowing skirt, which made me feel like a lady. I was wearing my new high-heeled boots, which made me feel  a little sexy. I did my (newly blonde again) hair up -- not in a mommy ponytail, but an actual up do -- which made me feel put-together and elegant.

I walked out my front door feeling like a million bucks.

That is, until I looked down and realized that this elegant lady had tucked her skirt into her underwear and given the neighbor a peek of something he may or may not have wanted to see.

Sorry for that, dude. Or you're welcome. Whichever you feel is appropriate, I guess.


  1. lol lol I love that I can always count on you to put a smile on my face.... Happy New Years!!!

  2. Ha......I think that is something that has to happen to all ladies, whether we want it to happen or not:)

  3. I seriously just laughed out loud. I hope you gave him a good wink along with it :)


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