Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The first step is admitting you have a problem

I swore I wouldn't do it. I promised myself (and my husband) that I wasn't going to watch The Bachelor. But just like many before it, this season has sucked me in with it's tractor beam of trashiness. The thing about The Bachelor (or any other reality TV show, really) is that I know it's awful, I simply love to hate it so much that I CANNOT stop watching it. The drama, the cat fights, the jealousy, the desperate women, the skanky guy... everything I despise in life, I apparently love in TV!

This seasons bachelor, Brad Womack (who I must say, is pretty hot as long as he doesn't open his mouth), was actually the bachelor a few years ago. Surprisingly, I didn't watch a single episode that season but I hear that, due to his emotional baggage and serious commitment issues, he rejected both of the final bachelorettes. Going into this season, I immediately questioned why these women were so excited to fall in love with someone who is famous for not committing. And then I remembered... this is TV land, and REAL love doesn't exist or matter here so commitment issues are, well, non-issues. I guess they've chosen to give him a second chance since he claims to be doing this for the right reasons this time. (I suppose that's why he's only made out with 14 of the women so far.) Apparently after three years of "intensive therapy" and serious self-reflection, he's ready to find love -- and he only reminds us of that 47 times throughout the course of each episode.

The women are, hmmm... what is the best way to describe them? Desperate? Fake? Melodramatic? BATSHIT INSANE? Some of them seem like they'd be perfectly normal in real life, like maybe the pressure of being on TV just brings out some of their more bizarre personality quirks. Some, on the other hand, are total nutjobs to begin with. This season's Michelle from Salt Lake City is a doozy (and I've had a couple people tell me their husbands went to school with her and she IS that crazy). No matter how normal they are to begin with, being cooped up in that mansion with a bunch of women just breeds craziness and by the end of the show, every last one of them is certifiable. There are a several cute girls but at this point I'm totally rooting for Emily simply because she and Brad's babies would have THE CUTEST Southern accents.

The worst My favorite part about the whole show is when one of the women breaks down and says through tears that she simply can't handle the pressure anymore. We've connected on so many levels and I thought we had something special. I never expected to fall for him so hard. I hate that he looks at other women! I hate that he's dating other women! Honey, have you seen The Bachelor? If you thought you might be upset by him kissing other girls you probably shouldn't have signed up for the show.

What's even worse than the fact that I can't stop watching it is that now I'm BLOGGING about it! So please, tell me I'm not the only one who is obsessed. Tell me I'm not as pathetic as I feel right now. Or at the very least, tell me there is a support group that exists for sick people like me.


  1. You are not alone! I love this show. Even though it is called a "reality" show, the truth as to why I like it is because it so far from real least mine. Haha. The drama is entertaining. These women are crazy. I enjoyed your synopsis- my thoughts exactly :)

  2. Okay, so I guess I can confess. I got hooked on one season, the one with Melissa Rycroft. Yeah serious drama. I was amazed I actually got into it...because it's so stupid but alas, I just had to watch it. (and can I blame my friend, seriously we were over at her house or I would have never even been tempted to turn it on)

    I vowed not to watch it again because can I say time sucker??

    Anyway I haven't watched it since then... so it is possible to break the addiction.

  3. I have not watched this season but yes... That show has a habit of sucking me in too. It is a train wreck waiting to happen you can't take your eye's off of it. Much like watching stupid teenagers on 16 and pregnant that think they are going to live happily ever after and... Teen mom punching the babies dad. It makes you think how great your life is.

  4. HI! Checked out your blog too! Dont really watch that show...hmmm maybe i need to.

  5. Hi I'm Emilee and I'm addicted to the bachelor...
    Honestly I haven't watched the bachelor for a while but since Ben knows Michelle we have both been watching and now I'm hooked to this skanky show. I'm a sucker for reality tv for some reason. Emily is the sweetest and should not be on this show. She seems too classy.

  6. So I have watched every season of The Bachelor since Jason's season. But I have to admit, when I heard they were bringing back a previous bachelor I was turned off, and I have not watched an episode since.

  7. Why does the term "Dumpster fire" come to mind when I think of that show?


  8. Don't worry I love this show too! I can't stop watching it either. I too am rooting for Emily!


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