Friday, December 3, 2010

The good and the bad

The good news is: I've been sleeping incredibly well since I got here; better than I've ever slept in a hospital. The bad news is: I slept right through rehab yesterday.

The good news is: The pseudomonas that has made itself at home in my lungs is still susceptible to more meds than it's resistant to. The bad news is: I'm now culturing MRSA as well.

The good news is: Adam is bringing Morgan up tomorrow, and they'll both be staying the night with me! The bad news is: I'm not sure how easy it will be to keep a 16 month old entertained within my hospital room.

The good news is: The phlebotomists have been absolutely incredible this stay. I literally slept right through a blood draw the other night. The bad news is: My PICC placement was a pretty traumatic experience, and my entire upper arm is still extremely sore.

The good news is: The antibiotics haven't completely squashed my appetite as they so often do. The bad news is: Even still, I've lost 2 pounds since Wednesday.

The good news is: My nurse was kind enough to find a razor for me (since I forgot mine at home and didn't want to spend $6.00 on one from the gift shop). The bad news is: The razor burn it gave me is making me wish I'd just gone au natural.


  1. Always bad with the good, huh? That's how it always seems to be for me too. Sorry about the MRSA and PICC nightmare...oh, and the razor burn :-/ Thinking about you...

  2. Welcome (unfortunately ) to the MRSA club. If they put you on IV vancomycin, as a heads up, that stuff makes EVERYTHING go right through you! (Bad) But it works like a charm and hopefully it will be abe to rid you of the dreaded "M" (Good)


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