Monday, November 1, 2010

A pretty safe bet

My coworkers and I often bring similar foods to work, which means that after a few days pass we aren't sure whose food is whose.

Usually, just to be safe, we ask each other things like, "Is this my yogurt or yours?"

"Did you bring Pop Tarts this week?"

"Are those my moldy leftovers?"

I don't remember exactly when I brought it, but I think it's safe to say that the can of Ensure I found in the fridge today didn't belong to any of my coworkers.


  1. I can't stand that stuff... anything that comes in cans! The only thing I can stomach is powdered breakfast drinks or Scandishakes. Only, my stomach has issues with milk, so usually I just don't mention what supplements I am (or, ahem, am not) taking....................... ha. In the hospital, I go to town on the frozen yogurt machine.

  2. I know, Cindy, I'm a freak. I love it all - Ensure, Boost, Scandishakes... Mmmm! My sister, Shannan, used to sneak it to me when I was little because she HATED it and I just thought it was a yummy treat!

    I haven't always needed supplements, but my weight has been pretty hard to maintain for the last year or so. I figured that since the employee fridge is usually full of Slim Fast (or other diet products), that the Ensure MUST be mine even though I have no recollection of putting it there.


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