Monday, November 1, 2010


Shylee, our little princess/fairy/butterfly, depending on who was asking

I don't know about you, but we took advantage of Halloween falling on a Sunday this year and spread our activities through the entire weekend.

My office is pretty fond of any holiday, but Halloween is our shared favorite, so we dressed up on Friday even though it wasn't technically Halloween.

Later that night, we had a family party at my dad's house, thanks mostly to the planning of my brother and his wife. The kids played a few games, danced, and painted pumpkins. There was fun music, great company and lots of yummy food. Thanks Tommy and Megan, we really enjoyed it!

Pin the tail on the cat

Morgan loves her cousin

Grandma Candy, my sweet stepmom

We really wanted to get Adam up there, but didn't think Tommy would be able to hold him as easily

On Saturday, we braved the stormy weather and took the girls trick-or-treating (our town held a Trunk-or-Treat, where cars line up and hand candy out of their trunks) then we came home, bundled up, and watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, which has kind of become a tradition for us. Then, after the little ones were asleep, a few friends showed up unexpectedly and we had a great time visitng until way too late/early the next morning.

I hope you all had a happy Halloween, too!


  1. Oh how cute! I love all the costumes and the pin the tail on the cat, such a cute idea!

  2. Thanks, Crystal! My brother wanted to recreate the Halloween carnivals we used to go to as kids, and I think he did a pretty darn good job.

  3. Looks like so much fun!! Love the pic on the horse lol & the little ones look adorable!

    I, too spread all Halloween activities since Friday. You can never have too much of Halloween. =)


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