Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thank you

I never intended for this blog to be read by more than a handful of people. I'm flattered, really, to have even a meager following. One of my favorite perks of having (a few) people read this blog-thingy is when people leave comments like this:
"Thank you so much for posting that Jenny! I really needed to be reminded that things do pass. You are such an awesome writer, you know exactly how to phrase things. I love reading your blog."

And this:
"My name is (removed) and my niece (name removed) is 14 and has CF. She recently moved in with me. I wanted to thank you for telling your story through your blog. I can't wait to share with her a person who is married and has a child. She seems as if not to see much in the future and seems to be reluctant to take her meds or do her treatments. I am not sure if she is angry about the CF daily routine or the recent family dynamics that resulted in her moving in with me. I am so excited for her to see your blog and realize she can have a future of happiness awaiting her. Thank you."

And simple ones like:
"Thanks for a much needed laugh."

"I love your blog."

"Thank you for writing this post."

Comments like these put a smile on my face and make me think that maybe, just maybe, people actually enjoy what I do here.

So here's thanks to you, dear readers! Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for your sweet comments. Thank you for swapping stories and advice and laughs. Thank you for simply being here.

You guys are awesome!

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  1. I've read your blog for awhile and never commented before, but just know that there are SO many more of us out here that are touched by you and your are an AMAZING writer and I so look forward to your posts, they always make for a much needed belly laugh :) thank you!


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