Monday, October 25, 2010

Here we go

My sister in law posted this picture of her backyard on Facebook this morning.

When I saw this, I thought


In October???

In Utah???

Yeah, that sounds about right.


Goodbye, beautiful fall. I hardly knew ye.


  1. Oh NO! I hate the cold. I would be happy with just two months of winter.

  2. I agree, two months would be PERFECT! Just long enough to have snow for the holidays and get some sledding with the kids in, but not long enough that you threaten to pack up and move at the sight of ONE. MORE. SNOWFLAKE.

  3. it seems like it always snows right around halloween. i was enjoying our 70 degrees today :)

  4. Yikes! I'm glad I missed all that while driving all over creation today.......!

  5. Just box up some of that snow and send it our way down here in GA. We're LUCKY if we get 2 inches of the frozen precip in a year. It's still in the 80s and quite balmy here. But winter will arrive...eventually.

    Really enjoy reading your blog. Best regards!!!

  6. I love snow, well the beauty of it, sledding in it and hot cocoa.... the freezing cold I could do with out....

    Thanks for your quote that was PERFECT!!!



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