Sunday, September 5, 2010

Because if it's possible, it'll happen to me

I've been wanting to post for a few days, but Morgan and I have been fighting a raging cold/flu bug (I can never tell the difference - both make me achy, feverish, tired, and nauseated) so I haven't had much energy to write. I'm a little frustrated that I started feeling crappy 3 DAYS after I finished IV's... but WHATEVER! I'm happy to say that we are both feeling much better now. However, I stayed up way too late last night talking with some friends so I'm not much for energy today either, which means this post should be pretty short and sweet.

Earlier this week, I took Morgan in for her one year well-child check-up (a little late, I know). I'd mentioned previously that I'd been concerned about the amount of CF testing we'd had done on Adam, and possible symptoms that Morgan has shown. (I won't go into detail here, but I did here if you want to take a look.) Well, we finally got a look at the results of Morgan's newborn screening, and it was a big fat NEGATIVE! It is my understanding that this is an extremely sensitive test, and quite often comes back irregular if the child is simply a carrier (which, of course, Morgan is). Since it didn't pick up any irregularities at all, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can stop worrying about it... for now.

It's very likely that in the future, I'll question the accuracy of that particular test. Maybe their equipment wasn't working exactly right that day. Or maybe hers got mixed up with that of another baby. Because that's what I do: I worry. When I was pregnant, I went through a phase where I was absolutely certain that the lunch meat I had eaten was going to cause me to give birth to a hermaphrodite baby with no ears. It's insane, I know. But can you blame me for worrying about the bizarre? I mean, I am the woman who - six weeks ago, today - was walking out of a Home Depot thinking only of how excited I was to get home and wear those super cute black high heel shoes I'd purchased just minutes before, and ended up in the emergency room with a major tendon severed completely in two at the hands of my husband and his lawnmower.

I still haven't worn those shoes, by the way.

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