Friday, August 27, 2010

A little peek

A few of my bloggy friends recently posted a picture of their daily medications. At first I thought meh... but then as I was getting ready to take my meds tonight, I figured what the heck. So there you have it.

This isn't a completely accurate picture: some of my natural supplements aren't pictured and some of the things seen here aren't a permanent part of my daily regimen (I'm not usually on IV antibiotics) but you get the gist.


  1. But it's so much more fun when you arrange them in pictures!

  2. Jenny, I totally agree with this post about how you are thankful for the meds to keep you going! I had a moment of sadness tonight when we were dishing out Aryia's nighttime meds... Some of her meds were just changed up, so my husband and I were trying to get it straight. And for just a moment I got sad, and I said this just breaks my heart. Aryia said, "what mom". And I said, "that you have to take so many meds". She said,"it's no big deal", and started popping them in her mouth. And that just sorta popped me right back outta that mood and into the thankful mood again!


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