Saturday, August 14, 2010

It is what it is

Life has been kind of crazy lately. Somewhere between my injury, the horrible reaction I had to a tetanus shot, going back to work just one week after surgery, Morgan turning one, and Adam facing yet another layoff, my body up and said "You know what? I'M TIRED" like it has the right to need a break.

The fevers started a week ago. Every night around 6:30 I started feeling warm and by 7:30 I felt as if I'd just been hit by a mack truck. These symptoms were eerily similar to what I experienced last year. I had been playing phone tag with my CF clinic for a week at this point. I wanted to let them know about my injury and ask if there was anything I could or should add to my daily regimen to help work my lungs during all this down time. When I finally reached them and casually mentioned the fevers I'd been having, the mood of our conversation was suddenly very sober: "Jenny, you NEED to come see us."

So, I came in yesterday (just a little feverish at the time). My PFT's were down 14% (Eeshk!). And now, I sit here typing this from a hospital bed with a wicked view of the Salt Lake Valley. 

I wasn't hospitalized for almost a decade, and now this is my second hospitalization in less than a year. That concerns me. I'm having difficult time accepting the fact that my body may be a bit more delicate than it once was.

Well that's all I have for now. I'll try to write again and include more details later, but for now, I'm going to curl up in this bed and take a nap before respiratory comes in for my treatments.


  1. Hey! I am sorry that you had to go into the hospital, that really sucks!!! To bad we all aren't there together to do some avocado masks and tae bo:) Get better fast!!!!

  2. Hope you feel better soon Jenny!


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