Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The good... and the bad

The good news is: the Doc says I'll be out of a cast and off crutches in two weeks!
The bad news is: that means two more weeks until I can wash my foot.

The good news is: considering how quickly the muscle in my upper leg has atrophied, my calf was considerably larger than I expected it to be after four weeks of immobility.
The bad news is: it was also considerably hairier than I expected.

The good news is: soon, I'll be able to walk again (with some assistance).
The bad news is: that means physical therapy starts soon, too.

The good news is: I go back to clinic on Friday and if my PFT's are acceptable, they'll pull my PICC.
The bad news is: if my PFT's aren't significantly higher than last Friday, I'll be on IV's for another week.

The good news is: I'm feeling great, so my hopes for coming home IV-free are high.
The bad news is: besides the fevers I was having, I was feeling pretty darn good and had no idea I was coming down with something in the first place.

The good news is: (for those of you who have missed the boob talk) my boobs are entirely pain free at this point and Morgan has handled weaning like a total champ.
The bad news is: I still cry over having to wean her before I felt like we were ready.

The good news is: I got a raise at work!
The bad news is: it won't quite make up for all the hours I'll be missing for physical therapy.

The good news is: this is the end of this post.
The bad news is: I'll be posting again before you know it.


  1. You went from 80% to 14% without noticing it???

  2. Ha ha, no Cindy. I was down 14% (so, in the upper 60's) not DOWN TO 14%... I suppose I should have been more clear.

  3. sounds to me like most of the good news outweighs the bad news. yay! Glad to hear you're feeling better.

    PS. I nanny for 2 girls and the youngest could be Morgan's twin! She has the same blonde blonde- wispy- barely- there type hair.

  4. LOL Jenny - I was like, how were you even WALKING at that point??? 14% is usually the point where you're intubated and permanently in bed. Well, a 14% drop isn't nearly that bad, then. Here I was thinking you were at death's doorstep!

  5. Oh Cindy, that would be a MUCH MORE dire situation. Can you imagine them simply sending me home on IV's saying "Good luck"... ha ha!


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