Saturday, June 12, 2010

How do you like your dentist?

Note: This is not my dentist. If he happens to be your dentist, LUCKY YOU!


Last night I dreamed that I was having an affair with my dentist.

Of all people, why am I dreaming about my dentist? I don't know... maybe because he has a ridiculously gorgeous smile? Because once when he was filling a cavity, I couldn't help but notice the bulging veins in his forearms? Because I'm strangely attracted to men 15-20 years older than me? Because if I were sleeping with him, I might get free dental work?

Any of those are possible reasons he might appear in my dreams (what? doesn't everyone think that man-veins and receding hair lines are sexy?) but before you start judging me, know this: not only did I confess the affair to Adam in my dream, I've also told him about the dream itself. And I've still been feeling incredibly guilty about my dream-cheating all day long.

Now here's my dilemma... I've been needing to have a couple wisdom teeth pulled for quite sometime now, but I'm fairly certain that I'll never again be able to walk into my (kinda beautiful) dentist's office without blushing like a little schoolgirl.

If he weren't so DARN GOOD at his job, I'd seriously consider looking for a new dentist.

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