Thursday, June 3, 2010


It took me a little while to get these posted, but here are some pictures of  (hopefully) the first of many camping trips this year. The weather finally cooperated and we had a wonderful, warm Memorial weekend.

Shylee and Logan

The sunsets were awesome! It's unfortunate that the especially long winter we've had means the trees don't have many leaves yet, but I think the bare branches make for some pretty cool silhouette pictures.
Ryan and Morgan

I believe this was Ryan's first camping trip (although they didn't actually stay the night, in my opinion it totally still counts). Don't you just want to dip him in butter and eat him up? 

Our nephew, Dakota, started digging a hole the first night we were camping. By the end of the trip, The Hole was the main attraction. The kids LOVED it and everyone took their turn digging. (And for the record: I've never met a child as willing to have their picture taken as Logan. Just look at that smile!)

My girls

Adam caught a horny toad (or, according to Shylee, a "bullfrog") and named it Thumper. He insisted that he was going to bring it home and keep it as a pet. I didn't realize until just now, as I'm typing this, but I have no idea what he actually ended up doing with it. That thing had better not be running around my house!

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