Friday, May 21, 2010

Not your typical fairytale

About a year ago, Shylee came running into the living room in such a frenzy that I barely caught a glimpse of her plastic high heels, fur-lined purple gloves, and pink tutu. In her hand she held a Disney Princess cell phone and after she frantically dialed "her friends" number, this is what I heard:  

"Cinderella! I need your help! Snow White is DEAD!"

Then, the other day I was walking past her bedroom and happened to overhear a conversation between her princess barbie dolls. It went something like this:

"I'm going to a tea party and I'm wearing a beautiful dress with beautiful shoes and a very beautiful crown."

Pretty standard four-year-old-fairytale, I thought to myself. Until I heard:

"And Ariel isn't coming to the party because she's dead.
And Flounder died, too. And they died and died and died.
And now they're dead. Because they died."

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  1. Hey Jenny, I just wanted to tell you that I have a friend her name is Whitney. She has an older sister that has CF, she has one child now, and wants another one. Anyways there is an amazing story in great detail about her sisters story, I thought that you would really enjoy reading it. Her blog is the story is her last post she did just recently. Hey I thought it might be fun if we had each other's numbers, just in case we get a chance to hang out or just to say hi. I would like to know what you thought about the story as well. I text, I hope you do! 851-1999.


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