Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How To

-Go ahead and continue driving in the passing lane, although you have no intention of passing anyone. Ever.
-You know that SCR-EEE-EEE-EEEE-MING thing you do every time I leave the room? Enough said.
-Use the word "AIN'T" one more time.
-Kiss me while I'm on the toilet. I love you too honey, but there MUST be boundaries.
-Buy my child a toy that sings. One that plays music? Fine. One that makes noise? Great. But one that actually sings? Have you no soul?

-Just nod your head and smile when I blame the crumbs you found in bed on the Cookie Monster.
-Openly admit that you watch America's Next Top Model...and enjoy it. Welcome to the dark side.
-Talk to yourself about BURIED TREASURES when you think nobody is listening.
-Blame your farts on "the elephants".
-Blame your farts on "the really big spiders hiding in the wall".
-Tell me you have a big massage therapy final coming up, then ask if you can study by giving me a foot massage.


  1. so whenever chris finds a new thing that bugs me, he makes it his quest in life to do it (ie, sticking his finger in my belly button) I can't tell you all the ways he has tried to get me to kiss him while I'm on the toilet. I agree though, that just crosses the line of weird.

  2. Haha my hubby tries to kiss me when I'm on the toilet as well lmao

    Oh and sorry I'm from the south I say "aint" all the time lol. But I'll try not to use that word in my blog :)

  3. You could always just lock the door. Just a thought.

  4. Toilets are OFF boundaries :P I love your 'how-to- posts.


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