Saturday, May 8, 2010

A day for Mothers

(Because I may not have the chance to tomorrow, I thought I'd post this today...)

To my amazing mom, to whom I literally owe my life; the woman who has held my hand and struggled with me through each of life's trials; the woman who continually offers a word of advice and a shoulder to cry on; the woman who taught me to appreciate the beauty of architecture and to enjoy those few weeks of autumn when the leaves change color and the world looks as though it's been set afire; the woman from whom I inherited the obsessive need to straighten crooked picture frames on a wall; the woman who unconditionally loves and accepts me, and tells the best "chicken with lips" story I've ever heard;

To my step-mom, Candy, who is a constant example of selflessness and kindness; a woman who gives everyone the benefit of the doubt; a strong woman who has graciously and courageously fought cancer; a woman who regularly uses words that don't exist; the woman who taught me that not all step-mothers are evil and has shown me that a mother's love reaches beyond biology;

To my sweet Grandma Calhoon, my mom's mom; the only grandmother I've had the chance to know personally; the woman who never once got upset that my cousin and I were wearing her bra and orange lipstick again; the woman who is, admittedly, responsible for passing the worrying gene on to me; a woman who has more spoons than anyone else I've ever met; the woman who taught me to like beets; the woman who regularly shows up on my doorstep with fresh vegetables from her garden; the woman who is everything a grandma should be, and more;

To my beautiful sister, Teresa, who is responsible for giving me my only niece; a woman who is indescribably grateful to be a mom; someone who enjoys lame jokes just as much as I do; the only person I know who has weirder fingers than mine; one of my very best friends and the greatest kitchen dancing partner ever;

To my mother-in-law, Debbie, to whom I owe a huge "thank you" for raising such a wonderful man; who accepted me with open arms after only a little encouragement from the rest of the family; who spoils my daughters like there's no tomorrow;

To my sisters-in-law, Megan, Randi and Hillary, who are the mothers of my nephews; who Adam envies and I pity for the job they have of raising (combined) 6 boys; who I can always count on for parenting advice or a good laugh;

And to ALL the other mothers out there...HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before." ~Rajneesh

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  1. Jenny what a thoughtful mother's day tribute. And yes, my fingers are weirder, but your thumbs definitely have mine beat.


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