Thursday, April 29, 2010

Natural health remedies

I got quite a response from my last post, so I decided to write this one and give a little more detail about my daily regimen. Due to the nature of this post, I feel like I need to have some sort of disclaimer, so here goes:

This is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment. I am not a doctor. I do these things because I feel like they benefit me, personally. That is not to say that they would necessarily benefit you in the same way. Even the most natural remedies straight from God's green earth can have potentially harmful side effects. I firmly believe that you should thoroughly research and/or consult your doctor before trying anything new. I also think that compliance with your doctors--medications, treatments, etc-- is absolutely vital.

That being said, here is a list of some of the things I've been taking (along with all my prescribed medications, of course):

Garlic: The reputed benefits of garlic are endless: preventing the common cold, treating acne, lowering high cholesterol levels, repelling mosquitoes (and vampires, of course), improving general cardiovascular health, etc. Garlic is also said to be a natural antibiotic, immune system booster and decongestant. I take the odorless capsules to avoid garlic breath, but that's not to say that I don't enjoy the occasional garlicky meal...Mmm. I also use garlic for ear infections which both Morgan and I are very prone to.

Elderberry: Elderberry is said to have many of the same health benefits as garlic. It's full of antioxidants which makes it a great immune system booster. Where garlic is an acclaimed anti-bacterial, elderberry is also said to have the ability to disable cold and flu viruses.

Apple Cider Vinegar: ACV is claimed to be helpful in ailments such as sore throats, headaches, arthritis, weak bones, indigestion, high cholesterol, diarrhea or constipation, eczema, chronic fatigue, mild food poisoning, sinus infections, high blood pressure, obesity and the list goes on (and on and on...seriously, google it.) It's also said to be a great aid in alkalizing the body, if you're into the whole acid vs alkaline thing. I take 1-2 tbsp daily, either in water or just straight. (I actually like the taste, but it's definitely not for everybody.) For maximum health benefits, it's recommended that you get organic, un-distilled ACV with "mother".

Acidophilus: With stomach issues from the get-go and antibiotics constantly messing with gut flora, a girl can always use a good pro-biotic!

Raw Honey: Local honey can be very helpful if you have allergies, which is the main reason I eat it by the spoonful. To read about other health benefits of honey, please read my friend Somer's great blog post.

Emergen-C: Okay, so I realize it's not natural, but it's still good stuff. I generally try to drink a packet a day, but if I start feeling run-down I'll drink two.

Vitamins and Other Supplements: I take prenatal vitamins every day. I think they're a great supplement for any woman, whether or not you fit the typical demographic (are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant or recently had a child). I have a friend whose OB told her that he strongly recommends prenatal vitamins over other women's one-a-day supplements. They are full of wonderful vitamins and plenty of folic acid. Along with prenatals, I also take vitamins C, D, E and an iron supplement. Thanks to the advice of a friend, I did some research on magnesium and will start taking a magnesium supplement promptly. If you want some more info on magnesium in relation to CF, click here. (Thanks again, Cindy!)

If you have any more questions, thoughts, or other suggestions, please feel free to contact me!


  1. Jennifer, I am stealing your default disclaimer, I have been thinking of writing one with that. I too got compliant and healthier after my daughter. 29% I cant even imagine a 50% jump that is so ultra phenomenal. It sounds like we have been doing teh same thing lately. Please check out my blog and my steps I have been taking to combat candida. Alot of the things you are doing help to combat candida too and I wonder if it is to accoutn for some of your success.

    HEre is my blgo you can type candida in search and it will all come up but its basically every post in mar-apr.

  2. After a doctor's visit last week I actually think I'm going to start prenatals too... my hair falls out like crazy because I have iron deficiency anemia and hypothyroid syndrome, so the dr. wants me on extra folic acid.

  3. Cool! Thanks so much. I was surprised to see that a few things I do as well. Not a day passes where I don't use garlic in dinner. And I LOVE my emergence-C packets. Although recently I've tried the target brand and I actually like those a little better. And I always have organic local honey on hand, but I don't eat it every day. I should get into that since my allergies have been acting up. I had actually forgot it was sitting in the cupboard -- I usually only use it in tea.

    Thanks for sharing your natural methods with us. It's interesting to see what others do, and how their body responds. I think it's a great starting point.

  4. I do ALL these too! We are the same... We need to meet one day!

  5. Thanks for your replies on my blog...
    Your use of apple cider vinegar is actually how I began also. It makes a huge difference in the boys' tummy issues. Every once in a while I take them off and their issues come back very quickly.
    The apple cider vinegar is a wonderful alternative to conditioner. I have used it with long and short hair and don't miss conditioner at all.
    We do the same thing with honey..I actually cook with it a bit, but it is so darn expensive.
    I cannot speak enough about probioitics..i will post a topic soon (hopefully) with lots of details.
    Garlic is awesome, we use it in everything...i did try to chop it into little pieces and swallow it like a pill once and it gave me quite a tummy ache, so you have to be careful:)


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