Friday, March 26, 2010

To my friend, The Clinic

Dear CF Clinic,

It makes me very happy to say that we'll be seeing each other again soon! Though it's not even been a full three months since our last visit, I've missed you terribly. That's strange to say, since until very recently I had always dreaded our visits. For a long time I was under the delusion that you were unnecessary; nothing more than an inconvenience in my life. Perhaps I wouldn't be in the position I'm in now if I'd paid more attention to you before; if I had been willing to visit you more often. But, being human, we all make mistakes. Although it's regrettable that such drastic measures (a DREADFUL hospitalization plus an ENORMOUS decline in lung function) were necessary to get me to this place, I can now promise you that I'll never neglect you (or myself, for that matter) as I have in the past.

You have become a dear friend of mine...along with TOBI, Pulmozyme, Exercise, and various members of the PEP family, just to name a few. By the way, if you happen to run into Exercise, please tell him I'm sorry I've stood him up two mornings in a row now. I fully intended on meeting with him, but my child had other plans that demanded my full attention. To make up for it, however, I've planned a pretty intense session for tonight.

Our last goodbye was a little daunting for me. I was happy to have had your support and was unsure exactly when I'd have the chance to see you again. Just as our relationship was becoming strong, some issues arose that threatened to drive a wedge between us (wretched insurance!). But, I'm happy to say that, for the time being, those issues have been resolved. I must admit, I don't look forward to the three hour drive or the fact that I'll most likely have to face the trip alone this time. But, I promise I will be there with a smile on my face.

Since we last saw each other, I've been doing some things that I think you'll be quite pleased about. I've continued doing my treatments regularly, I've implemented some natural health remedies that I'm pretty sure are doing wonderful things, and as far as Exercise... I may have been a bit misleading when I mentioned before that we've become "friends". The truth is that we've entered into a love affair and have been courting quite seriously for a few weeks now.

With all the effort I've been making, I'm hoping that you'll be WOWED by my PFT scores! I have three weeks before our reunion, in which I'll continue working hard to be the best I can be when I see you.

Until then,
Your pulmonarily challenged friend,


  1. Good luck!!! My last appointment (second post-TOBI) was great - I actually scheduled my next one for the 3 month mark, instead of 2 months. I haven't gone for 3 months in forever because I was so unstable that I kept needing the hospital before 3 months rolled around. So anyway, I am hoping that TOBI has been as good for you as it is for me.

    And I know those lonely long drives very well! We are 4 hours away and usually Mahon can't go so I get to do the fun excursion myself. Joy...

  2. you crack me up with your writing. I seriously never knew you were a good writer until you started this blog.

  3. ha ha I LOVE it!!! Good luck and keep me posted!


  4. You should feel so proud of yourself for doing your meds and exercising! It's so easy to look at it on paper and say these are the things you need to be doing, but then doing them is a whole other story. So good for you girl! I'm sure your docs will be proud too! Even I'm proud and I don't even know you =) Keep up the amazing work, I know it's not easy, but the end results will be worth it.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Cindy- I'll be about three weeks into my second round of TOBI when I go. I'm also hoping it works wonders. I know I felt AMAZING during the last round, so I'm excited to see what it's done for me number-wise.

    Teresa- Why, thank you. I've always enjoyed writing, but hadn't done any for a long time. (Since high school, I think.)Then, when I started blogging (secretely) through my pregnancy I re-discovered that love, and haven't been able to stop writing since.

    Somer- I'll definitely keep you posted... I know you love the natural remedies as much as I do, and I feel like they've been helping my immune system SO MUCH!

    Beth- Thanks so much for commenting! It's hard, I'll admit. But definitely worth it!

  6. I just wanted to say that similarly to you I got on the compliance and excercise bandwagon after having my daughter. It was TOUGH--at times I even had to throw up a 'task chart' by day and mark off as I went.....but well worth it. Keep up the great work and just imagine the extra time you will have with her later!


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