Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Nice Pills"

Morgan often gets mistaken for a little boy. Usually it doesn't bother me, but it's happened SO OFTEN lately that I've become very annoyed by it.

I think that became apparent when someone in the grocery store parking lot mentioned what a handsome little boy I have, and I answered with "SHE'S A GIRL, ASSHOLE!"

A lady I know takes an herbal supplement that is supposed to help with things like PMS and improving your overall mood. She calls them her "nice pills".

I'm looking into getting some.


  1. I don't think she looks like a little boy. But I mistook a little girl for a boy once and I was so embarrassed especially because she was wearing flowers. I felt dumb. By the way I love the picture of her on the side of your layout. It's soooo cute :)

  2. Thanks Misha! My sister took that picture and I love it too. She did a great job!

    To clarify: the person I verbally assaulted happens to be someone I attended school with for 12 years. He figured I was joking and walked away from the situation laughing, completely unscathed. I promise, I wouldn't say that to a stranger.


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